E waste collection movement

Dear bloggers,

I need a very important decision from your side. Can you let me know in comments how do I go about spereading e waste collection among houses in my city. I want to conduct e waste collection drive along with few of my friends.

Please let me know. Your suggestions mean a lot. Thanks a lot in advance.

Cages wide open!

Dear mommies,

I wanted each and every mommy to be inspired, happy, active, cheerful. We are all trapled in cages wide open. It is little difficult to come out of them cage and fly high but definately not impossible.

Why is it that some women become succesful in life while some want to me but they just end up complaining about the situations.

Biggest example would be J.K Rowling. Divorced single and jobless mother going doorstep to doorstep to sell her story. What if she had cursed destiny and not tried. She wanted to be an exception. It wasnt easy. Many failures came her way. She even turned bankrrupt. But that woman never gave up. She found her strength in her daughter.

So do you. Seek for strength in your child. Think you created this marvelous sculpture. Be proud of yourself.

One in million!

To the dearest sons and daughters,

I want to you know that you are special. You were born to outstand. Rise and shine. You are amazing and exceptionally talented only that you need to sharpen it with hard work and perseverance.

You were born to rule. So always seek for higher altitude. Be your own competitor. Keep learning from your mistakes. Never give up. Set higher targets each time. Dont be dissappointed on failure. Remember failure is stepping stone for success.

So my little one, whoever you want to be- Messi, sachin tendulkar, Elon musk… Just remember, you are my biggest achievement. And I only want my achievement to taste heights that nobody has ever witnessed before.

-Every mother in this world.

I love you Mr. Annoying!

I remember every single time how I would point all the fingers at you when everything happening in my life felt wrong! How all my mistakes were only due to you! How me not able to do anything in life was only and only due to you!

But what I got back from you in exchange of these blames and accusations left me awestruck every single time. Your endless love, support, care has got me sail the ship so well!

I dont admit it but what would I do without you. Thank you for dealing with my hormones so well.

And by the way, things arent going to change. I will keep troubling you just the way I do. And you will shower endless love like you always do!

For you know, nobody will ever love you as much as I do!

Shift your focus!

You attract what you think! If you thinl about bad incidences from your past, you would only be reliving it. This in turn would make your life sorrowful!

Life is a mixture of sweetness and bitterness. You cant get away with the sad part. Instead face it bravely. Anticipate for better time. Be positive most importantly.

You might see some people complaining how everything in their life has always turned out to be an unfortunate incidence. Well its due to them. Its because all they were doing all this time was focusing more and more on negatives. Hence sorrow comes to their share every single time.

Also there are people who think about the silver lining during tough times. They know that storm will soon go away. Such people are always happy cheerful and only good things come their way.

So deat readers change your focus if at all its negative.

Be happy. Be strong. Be positive.

Thank god for good times and ask for energy to fight off tough times.

At last my message to all the new mommies :

Your husband doesnt help you with baby? Not a problem. Its tough but you alone are capable.

You have sleepless nights? Its annoying right. But think about your little angel. Dont you want this angel cum little devil to grow up to be an amazing person?. Yes. So focus on it.

Living your dream!

Dear mommies,

I know your life has took a big turn. So what? U had earlier dreamt of flying high but now your wings have taken a halt for a while. So what?

Reaching your goal may seem a little difficult now. But definately not unachievable. Times a little difficult now. This is your testing period.

Be strong. Be active. Be a dreamer. Dont stop running after you destination.

Remember that ‘This too shall pass’.

There are so many succesful bloggers, business women, sports people who have actually outshined after having a child. They didnt stop dreaming & believing in themself. They foccused on the silver lining.

Follow these golden rules:

Set goals. Keep planning your future. Act towards it. Most of all dont stop dreaming. Be hungry for more. Never be satisfied. Focus on positives in life and dont let negatives bother you. No successful person in this world became big without dreaming.

And one day you will live you dream!